Our Firm

About Us

Foresight Investment Group is one of the pioneer open-end private equity real estate holding firms that seek to take advantage of Georgia’s fast-emerging economy and its budding real estate sector.

Our firm’s primary goal is to create a large portfolio of diverse income-producing real estate assets, specifically residential, office, and industrial properties leased by high-quality lessees, in order to generate stable, relatively low-risk returns for our investors.


Our firm’s investment strategy centers on the acquisition and/or development of real estate assets with strong fundamentals that are highly sought after by high-quality lessees — businesses that are export-oriented and/or offer a highly differentiated product or service in demand.

Our firm’s strategy serves the purpose of producing attractive risk-adjusted returns by making investments in any or all three of the following ways:

• Acquire existing property leased by a reputable tenant that brings in stable and relatively low-risk cash flows;
• Acquire an undervalued or financially distressed asset and actively manage it to improve its physical condition as well as financial position;
• Invest in a lucrative commercial, industrial, or office development that has a high- probability potential of becoming an income-producing real estate asset;

Target Real Estate

• Residential and office;
• Apparel manufacturing facilities;
• Agricultural lands and processing facilities;
• Energy generation infrastructure.